Anti-Fog Cloth 3 Pack

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Lenses fogging has been an ongoing issue for many activities. Fortunately, we have a great solution for you to prevent your lenses from fogging. Our A grade anti-fog cloth offers up to 8 to 10 hours of fog free lenses after each use. Our anti-fog cloths can be reused over 200 times.

Key Features and Benefits: 

- 3 anti-fog cloths (Save $6 when you buy 3, each cost $12 for one)
- Up to 8 to 10 hours of fog free lenses after each use.
- Can be reused over 200 times.
- Great for lenses with basic or premium anti-reflective multi-layered coatings


Anti-Fog cloth prevents fogging on eyeglasses, safety glasses, face shields, ski goggles, swim goggles, automotive instrument panels, and much more. Anti-Fog cloth is an anti-fog treatment that is commonly used on all types of lenses, eyeglasses, plastic lenses, safety goggles, face shields, diving masks, ski goggles, hockey masks, sunglasses, automotive instrument panels, electronics, motorcycle face shields and more.

Anti-Fog cloth minimizes surfaces from fogging when going from warm to cold areas. Anti-Fog cloth is designed with safety in mind in order to avoid discomfort and any eye reactions. This formula is also compatible with anti-reflection coated surfaces.

Please keep in mind that anti-fog cloth's main purpose is a treatment for fog and not a lens cleaner or microfiber cloth.

Cleaning and drying the lenses prior to applying the anti-fog cloth treatment is essential to its success. Recommend to use AR spray cleaner and have the lenses be dried before applying anti-fog cloth.

Caution: Some face shields that are made from polycarbonate do not have any protective coating on their surface, therefore this product might damage the surface.