Dailies Total 1 90 Pack

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Dailies Total1 90 Pack Contact Lenses are the lenses to wear if you want a highly breathable lens with exceptional comfort. The breakthrough design in daily disposable contacts, 9 out of 10 patients feels nothing in their eye. The outer surface of the lens is nearly 100% water to keep the contact lens feeling silky smooth.

* If you are a new patient, we will follow-up with you to confirm your prescription before any of your orders are finalized

3 Month Supply (2 boxes): $180.00
$90 per box

6 Month Supply (4 boxes): $360.00
$90 per box + $40 instant savings

($80.00 per box AFTER rebate)

1 Year Supply (8 boxes): $700.00
$87.5 per box + $100 instant savings

($75.00 per box AFTER rebate)

Discover DAILIES TOTAL1®. The world’s first and only water gradient contact lenses. Its breakthrough design features a silicone hydrogel core that allows for outstanding breathability* and places water where it's needed most, resulting in an ultra-soft surface for a gentle cushion of moisture. The result is a contact lens that’s so comfortable it feels like nothing at all.

Recommended for those who seek quality with the convenience of a daily disposable lens. Recommended for new contact lens wearers who want outstanding comfort. Recommended for contact lens wearers who desire luxurious and more comfortable wear time.


DAILIES TOTAL1® has a breakthrough design featuring a unique water gradient. It has a silicone hydrogel core with 33% water content for high breathability. It also has an ultra soft surface with nearly 100% water content’ for gentle cushion of moisture.    

Key Features and Benefits:

- Superior breathability for white, healthy-looking eyes
- A gentle cushion of moisture for lasting comfort

Parameters: Base Curve: 8.5, Diameter: 14.1
Packaging: 90 lenses per box